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NEAR-GOOS Regional Delayed Mode Data Base (NEAR-GOOS RDMDB)

Request of Cooperation for Questionnaire Survey on NEAR-GOOS Data Services

Now, NEAR-GOOS conducts a questionnaire survey on the user needs,
which data item is mainly used for what purpose and what data services are expected in order to improve its data services.
We would appreciate your cooperation on this questionnaire.
Please download the questionnaire and then return your fulfilled-up form to JODC at
We would also appreciate cooperation of those who doesn’t have any experience to use the NEAR-GOOS Data Services so far.

click here to download the questionnaire

For your reference, please visit the following sites on NEAR-GOOS
NEAR-GOOS Reginald Real-Time Database (JMA):
NEAR-GOOS Regional Delayed-Mode Database (JODC):

If you have any questions and comments on the questionnaire, please contact JODC via e-mail at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
With best regards,